Friendship is a Precious Gift


I have decided to share a private letter I wrote to my best friend Lindsey. She stayed with me for close to 3 weeks to care for me because my caregivers (mom and dad) were away. I am sharing this not only to acknowledge the quality person she is in a public forum (that’s kinda my thing now with living each day on YouTube) but also to share the deep connection we can still have even though we are sick. It takes a very special person to take on our burdens but they are out there. I know because I met Lindsey. I pray you have a friend or will find a friend as special as mine are to me because there are some days I think, “How on earth would I survive without my friends?!”

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Dear Lindz,
I sit here crying because I just honestly miss you being here. I also feel so blessed that God honored me with placing you in my life. You are beyond humble and so hard to compliment but you are forced to take them now because it’s a letter lol! You heart never stops giving. You don’t have even 1 percent of selfishness in you! Thank you for taking my boat load of bad, sick, frustrating mess with my handful of good. I love your soft voice when you don’t know if I’m having a high pain day. I love your claps when you are excited. I love your straight forward way of saying things that can make me laugh until I cry. I love that I can talk to you about others (out of care and concern) and never feel that it turns to gossip (tearing others down in a mean spirited way or to bring yourself up.) I love that we can talk about the most hot button topics and learn so much from each other. I love that you help without even questioning or asking if I need help (carry my bags and just secretly think I’m weird for thanking you.)


I love that I get to see all sides of you which means I have earned your trust. I LOVE that you ask for forgiveness quickly and accept apologies quickly (making any of our arguments so freaking short!) I love that even if we argue I feel like I’m just waiting until we make up because I can’t stand not being able to talk to you. This is making it sound like we fight all the time lol! I love that all of 3 fights we have had happened because we never gave up on each other because friends are always gonna disagree at some points. It lets me know I can trust you not to break my heart or abandon me.


I am thankful for your support in what I do but also allowing me a discussion if I am doing something you don’t agree with. I am thankful that after every conversation I have with you I feel either useful, appreciated, loved or have grown in some way. Lindz I don’t think you will ever know how much it means to me and will forever that you CHOSE to spend your only break taking care of your sick friend. You are a far better person than me and way more mature beyond your years. I never felt judged or scared (two things I really thought I would feel opening up that part of myself.) Your gift of friendship will forever be marveled by me because I just am so undeserving. You put up with A LOT being friends with me but you do it with compassion, blind understanding, kindness, sincerity and unfaltering loyalty. I never thought I would meet lifelong best friends in my adult life but God is full of surprises! I am so proud of you throughout this past year. I am, many times, in awe of all you are accomplishing! Your fellowship in Christ means the world to me. I learn and grow spiritually every conversation we have about faith, God, church, the bible etc etc! I miss you so much and I don’t know when the tears will stop but it’s because I am so thankful for these summer memories with you.


Know you are missed every day you aren’t in Wilmington and you have so many people here that feel the exact same way about you as I do! You are my chummy. You are my sister. You are my person. I love you so very much and you are so appreciated!




PS Bailey is legit depressed too. I don’t think he was ready




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