Heavy Yoke


The Lord does not always give us the answer we need. Heck sometimes we get radio silence. Seemingly for no reason. The Lord have me words to ask someone I love something very important. It has come far longer than I expected or wanted. We never know what’s God’s timing is all about and all of the other parts He is working on before He answers us. I don’t like to admit this, no, actually it brought me to tears to hear from my Father. As a codependent it felt like a scolding from my parent and then I realized it sort of was! (Just the “scolding” was a gentle and kind reminder) He let me know that a lot of the questions I had and burdens I was laying at His feet are in His word. It was almost like asking your professor a question that he had just covered in his last lecture (that you were totally absent for and for no good reason). It is so easy that I fall away from keeping in His word, so easy to come up with excuses. None are valid because all of my answers are in his word. Luckily He still helps me find words because that is not my strong point (hence the rambling posts that come every so often!) I am so grateful for His grave and kindness to remind me to stop being an idiot (my label not His). Trusting in His timing, His work in me and others, and the answers He provides all around me. Fight on!


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