Never Give Up

I get down sure! I cry and fall to my knees to pray. I feel alone and let my worries rule my life. But! And this is a huge but! But….God has given us these people called friends. I pour all I physically and emotionally can and it leaves my well empty most times. But then I talk to a friend which, I might add, I shut out most times, I talk to them and they give me more than diamonds and gold combined. They fill my well and if anyone has seen those drink after a dehydration it is a quenching of thirst like no other. It’s something that I don’t even know I need which makes it even more elusive. When my best friend tortures me to remember the movie we were supposed to see together. As we go back and forth giggling non-stop. Alicia snuggles with me without even a thought. She gives me that warmth and touch I crave being alone so much and she never thinks I’m weird for resting my heavy head on her shoulder. Lindz understands my illness and shows me compassion and understanding that I truly will never understand. She knows me better than I know myself sometimes. She knows I should take it easy or need to talk before I do. We can talk for hours about life changing things or nothing at all of substance. Erin reminds me that no matter how much time passes that my friends still love me and will greet me with a warm smile and long hug. Then are the friends without a physical touch that mean so much to me. More than I could have ever imagined. Some are nameless that leave comments that touch my heart so deeply and at the exact right moment. Some are friends that I confide my inner most secrets of illness and sadness. We talk about clothes, Harry Potter, and faith. It can be my midnight text buddies that help me get through the night…..which helps me get through life.


2 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. 209serenity

    I love you girl! Please know that even though I don’t comment everytime I do watch all your videos 🙂 often I struggle with typing but you are never far from my heart. I wish we lived closer but one day we will meet my friend. I am so glad you have such great friends and support. Big big hugs! Oh yeah, can you text me your address please? Xoxo

    1. emilyrgrace Post author

      Girrrrl please I am talking about you! You are one of the originals who knows where I would be without you and all the support and incredible encouragement you give me! I love you dearly and know you always support me! Thank you so much for all you do I dont think you know how much you mean to me and how much you are a part of my journey to a much happier place! Big hugsss!


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