Never Be


Never Be
I had high hopes
And even dreams
But it wasn’t a thief in the night
That stole these things I couldn’t hide
It was something that came in blink
Of the eye when a camera flashes
It sold my dreams bartered and plastered
These missing posters all over town
With the face of a person that looks like me
But I am not acquainted
Like a familiar face that feel you have met
Maybe in another life or a far away land
These dreams have been crushed like gum on the bottom of new shows
Sticking around like a splinter in your finger
Once in awhile you look and can’t quite see
This dream that once would but can now never be

This poem is a reminder to me of the fact that I had an entire life before fibro. I once was defined by it and saw it as loss. But then I met a man on a cross. He picked me up and set me free to be whomever or whatever I wanted to be. Your dreams are never lost but the bible never said it would be easy or not have a cost. Fight on!

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