Why pain?


I often ask myself am I doing what God wants me to do. I mean this pain is for a purpose so I have to do something with it. I find it hard at points to feel out if I am doing what I think is right or am I truly doing what is right. What is that gauge? If it feels right? No, for my sinful nature, as a human I want to sin. So it’s right if I come up against oppositions? Well, how can I tell if it is the enemy or God telling me I am not on His path. Geesh it’s making me dizzy just thinking about all this. I guess it is one of those “why is the sky blue?” questions. I try and that’s important. I listen and try to understand and do my best. But dang I know I am stubborn and codependent to me core. Maybe it’s just me I am fighting with.

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