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Second Life, Part of healing


I have recently logged into Second Life…..now mind you I have played this “game” for about 8 years. It is a HUGE part of  my life. When I got into recovery I had to stop playing. It was heartbreaking. I had alienated the people I loved most because I was pushing everyone away because I knew I was unhealthy. Out of no where I thought I will check out SL and see if maybe two people were on that I could make amends with. They were and they forgave me and it just felt great.



What really shocked me (I don’t shock easy by the way) was that I was received with MORE than open arms but with open hearts. That sounds so cheesy even typing that but its the truest thing I can say to describe my reception. This life I created on Second Life was my lifeline to the world for so long. I would spend hours I mean HOURS forming relationships so strong they became family. I guess I just figured the people I had left would hold such bitter and (hmmm thinking of the exact word)…..(not coming to me)….just completely have moved on and barely remember me. Not only did they not forget me but they loved me….still! They cared and really truly thought about me over the past year. I can just say I am so humbled by these people and their capacity to forgive and love. I had given up when I left I was emotionally and physically drained and I expected they had given up too (most people would.) Well these are not most people and they had never given up on me even though we had not talked in almost a year. The reception back can only be described with one word…Family.Image


(picture insert “and Steve” lol) I am so grateful and blessed.