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I dreamed a dream, no I didn’t!

imageOh how I dream of sleep! That is if I actually slept so that i could dream pleasant things! Such a simple act that we all do nightly right? I started off a “night owl” then an “all nighter” then an “OMG am I hallucinating?!”

I have three types of insomnia. Leave it to my body to have all the bases covered! I have a hard time falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, wake frequently while sleeping and have difficulty getting back to sleep once awake. We have all gone without sleep right? College exams, sick all night, bad break up. Well for me it’s every night. I have never in my life slept a solid 8 hours.

Few people actually know real sleep deprivation. It’s not missing a few hours if sleep and needing ten cups of coffee and being grumpy the next day. It’s wanting to tear your eyes out, picturing the cartoon knock out classic move, and in my case hallucinating bats flying in my room and being convinced the sun is evil and trying to come through the fleeces I duck taped over my window. O_o Although the sun is a tricky bugger I hardly think it is interested in me nor bats anywhere besides in my belfry!

I offer no remedies, although I have tried them all!! Just another delightful cherry on top of the craziness that is my brain. I wonder what I would be like after 8 hours of sleep? I picture super woman but maybe just still me without dark circles under my eyes 🙂