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My pain soulmate!

ImageLately, I have been struggling to express myself with describing my illness and pain. I get a lot of blank stares and awkward transitions on to another topic. I recently commented that my friends are either young and super active or older with health issues. Don’t get me wrong I love my friends but I do struggle between over sharing or not letting others know the real me. 

Today I got to talk (all day actually) to my pain sistah from another Mistah. I actually felt relieved and not alone. She is young AND dealing with chronic pain. In this case yes misery does love company because, dang it, it’s lonely being miserable! We were finishing each others sentences practically and swapped war stories. We just laughed and could not believe how similar we are and our struggles. 
God gave me this life and these struggles to share my story and to build fellowship. We are not meant to suffer alone. Loneliness is a choice because God created us to have unique connections with others. To share our sorrows is to lighten our burdens and in my case feel that I am not completely crazy because someone else goes through what I do! Don’t misunderstand I am a nut case and proud of it! God just makes me laugh sometimes. I complain no one my age deals with what I do wah wah wah like a little child and then God places it on someone’s heart to reach out to me. It’s like an annoyed farher finally giving in to a whiney child. I love my Father and that He puts up with me and when I am faithful he provides. 
So today was spent in bed but not alone, instead, chatting to my pain soulmate about life, love and being so tired you want to punch yourself in the face. 🙂
iPhone= 200$
Unlimited texting= 20$
Someone that understands exactly what you mean=Priceless!!