Sorry to be dramatic but as a girl who is almost always nauseated a gluten allergy is torture! All I want are Saltines or toast. I could almost dream of crackers and bread. I also deal with chronic pain so in the middle of the night when I can’t even reach up to grab cereal I ate ice cream and chips. Tasty eh?! Not so much I feel disgusting. The thing is (oh yeah and I’m about to go off on a rant) that people who are “normal” or “healthy” don’t understand that on top of the usual chronic illness we also have to deal with things that healthy people freak about. Colds, UTIs, flus, headaches, food poisoning, and on and on. Again, that is on top of numerous symptoms of our illnesses (refer to the ten freaking pages of my symptoms.) Don’t even get me started on adding: Chronic illnesses plus every day illness plus stress of life plus emotions of life/relationships. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. Oh and on that note imagine dealing with all of that and not sleeping for days or just a few hours of naps. I get down on myself sometimes when I let things slip or I feel I’m being “lazy” (a common guilt trip I give myself) but when I look at the enormity of those mathematics I am proud of myself for having friends or even get out of bed some days. Wow. I also can say I am proud of any other person on this earth with a chronic illness that gets out of bed or even opens their eyes and breathes each day. Fight on!

3 thoughts on “#TheStruggle

  1. Jenn M

    I know how you feel. When I deal with nausea, I turn to Original Rice Thins or Rudi’s bread (which are gluten-free). Being gluten-free has its frustrations, but at least it keeps me from dealing with massive nerve pain. Hope you feel improved soon! xx


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