Please Live

I feel completely out of control. I want to throw my hands up in the air and fall to my knees in surrender. I am trying to be strong when all I am doing is falling apart. I can’t make anyone happy because I can’t even keep myself together. I carry a smile on my face as a large burden. I’m tired of being picked a part when I’m already in pieces. This is a private sorrow that has a glimmer of hope that I am choking because I am grasping so hard. Prayer is all I’m left with an illusion of normality. Millions of miles a part yet my heart is right next to him. Please be strong. Please carry your burdens. Please ignore the sorrow. Please be alive.

1 thought on “Please Live

  1. 209serenity

    I am praying for you and your friend Hun. God is with you both. It is so difficult to know your friend is suffering and be so far away. Sending gentle hugs. Xoxo


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