#SorryNotSorry Tag


I’m sorry I sleep in late
I’m sorry I can’t handle most large crowds
I’m sorry I cry when I get a migraine
I’m sorry I still grieve for a child that wasn’t mine
I’m sorry I care about my dog more than most things
I’m sorry I just started sticking up for myself
I’m sorry I call and cancel
I’m sorry I’m not reliable
I’m sorry I don’t look presentable most days
I’m sorry sometimes I don’t shower
I’m sorry I watch a lot of TV and movies
I’m sorry I am stuck in bed most days
I’m sorry I am distant
I’m sorry you have to carry my things
I’m sorry I can’t walk very far
I’m sorry I don’t want to see people some days
I’m sorry I disappoint you
I’m sorry I don’t exercise
I’m sorry I don’t eat right
I’m sorry some nights it feels like I’m dying
I’m sorry I’m needy
I’m sorry I need to be in bed even if I can’t sleep
I’m sorry I don’t drink or swear
I’m sorry I don’t think funerals are humane
I’m sorry I value my dogs life over some humans
I’m sorry I wear pajamas all day
I’m sorry I talk when I’m nervous
I’m sorry I don’t talk when I’m depressed
I’m sorry I push people away when I’m scared or miss them
I’m sorry I don’t deal with death
I’m sorry you can’t count on me
I’m sorry I forgive easy
I’m sorry my life feels like a prison sometimes
I’m sorry I have to go to doctors a lot
I’m sorry I lie and say I’m okay
I’m sorry I’m sensitive and complicated
I’m sorry all of a sudden I have faith
I’m sorry that my pain isn’t fake
I’m sorry I sometimes can’t even talk on the phone
I’m sorry I’m unreliable
I’m sorry that life happens and I have a hard time dealing with it
I’m sorry you will never understand
I’m sorry I have been closed off
I’m sorry I decided to seek recovery
I’m sorry I abandoned you
I’m sorry that it seems I don’t care
I’m sorry most days God doesn’t just make it go away

God will cure me in His time. I am human and learning to be me on top of having an illness that never goes away. I know how frustrating it is for you that you can’t make me all better. I don’t pray for God to heal me. I did that for many years. It’s to constricting of a prayer. I pray now for Gods loving grace and strength to get me through each day. Feels He can use me in much better ways when I pray that. I don’t need to give my ailments any more power over me. Something is broken needs to be fixed or looked at or diagnosed. I refuse to put my energy into my illness anymore because instead of receiving Gods grace I am becoming weak from giving what’s left of me to my illness (both body and mind). I don’t care about you anymore diseases. We are over. I chose a fully committed life to Christ.
I’m sorry illness I no longer give you my power. MOST of all I’m sorry I’m not sorry.
I challenge all who read this to write your apologies and forgive yourself of each of them. Some are just who you are/your personality and others are how your illness has changed you. Dig deep and honestly, if you do, I promise your yoke will be lighter.
Title the blog “#sorrynotsorry” and tag 5 other bloggers!
I tag: Jenn, Joy, Erika, Emilee, Leslie, Trisha (I did 6 shhhh) TAG YOU’RE it!!

5 thoughts on “#SorryNotSorry Tag

  1. Jenn M

    Ahhh, I’m it, lol! 😉 Well, looks like I know what I’ll be writing about today then. Love the picture by the way. 😉


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