Last day of 30 day NO makeup Challenge


As the days come to the end of the 30 day no makeup challenge I am left reflecting on all it has done. To be honest I am not dying to go out and wear makeup. Hell, I’m lucky if I get to go out of the house I’m chronically ill here! But, as I think about wearing light makeup, my mind has shifted. I am a bit shocked I am thinking of words like “accentuate, enhance, highlight” instead of “coverup, fix, hide”!! It was a sort of unconscious thinking and then I sort of stopped and just blinked. I am excited to add lipstick to highlight my lips, which I now like (who knew?!) Now that I have learned about my face (partly by watching my vlogs being confronted with naked Emily face!) I appreciate my skin and taking care of it. I do feel like I glow even if it’s the inside I can say I don’t NEED makeup to feel pretty. I have connected with myself mostly. Being chronically I’ll seems to take over and my face a road map of symptoms. Bags from insomnia, wrinkles from stress, rash from allergies, acne from poor hygiene, dark circles from asthma and so on. But now I feel my face is just me and I can show me. Sure, again gonna keep it real, I am very excited to wear makeup, do tutorials on my vlog and just have my late night hobby back, but it did it. I walked out the door and videotaped my clean God given face for 30 days. I’m proud of myself guys! Like, legit proud! I have heard from so many women, “I could never walk out of the house without makeup, or, I would scare people without my makeup.” I wish I had asked my friends to do this challenge maybe when I do it again but after all the complaining it honestly has been an amazing fast I would recommend to others. I am greater than makeup. My beauty does not come from a bottle but naturally. My face is not symptoms it’s part of my beauty as a person. Fight on!
Again this is my friend Emilee’s blog she expresses her experience of no makeup and natural hair!
Read her blog: Click here!
Also check out my Vlog I do it every day would mean the world to me if you would watch and support. It is much harder than I thought it would be. SHOCKER I know lol chronically ill and filming myself yikes! Please enjoy! I would love suggestion for topics or questions you have!
Check out my Vlog: Click here!

1 thought on “Last day of 30 day NO makeup Challenge

  1. Jenn M

    That’s great that you were able to accomplish the 30 day no makeup challenge! 😀 Wouldn’t be much of a challenge for me since I’m too lazy to wear makeup, lol! 😉


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