Valentine’s day Depression!

Why is Valentine’s day a sham? Only for couples? A Hallmark holiday? Depressing for singles? It is so hated by all parties it seems. Well, I love valentines day, in fact, it’s my favorite holiday. To me it’s simple, it’s about love and I have a lot of people in my life I have that for. These negative things linked with this day are all so complicated when to me it’s more simple. In fact extremely simple, love, all you need is love! The Beatles always get things right! Oh and also the bible, love one another. I like cards. I like happiness. I like love. Why not just take time to show love to those you do. Don’t pity the singles like I do those that are couples whom I feel put expectations on the holiday and are most likely to be disappointed. All of us can let our judgement go and just reach out to one person today and let them know you care about them. Do it for Saint valentine but do it more for yourself. Enjoy the happiness of loving. You are not alone, fight on! Happy Valentine’s day!

Check out a short Valentine’s Day Vlog Click here!
And another VDay Vlog will be posted later! Thanks for the support guys!


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s day Depression!

  1. Jenn M

    I had no idea that you vlogged until I read this post. I vlog here and there too–I’m due to make another one. 😉 Thanks for sharing, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. emilyrgrace Post author

      Happy VDay!! So glad you will be watching my Vlog and maybe helping with some topics. I am lost most days haha! Thank you! I will keep up with your Vlogs too!


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