Friends with Fibro!


I get annoyed with a lot of things. The weather, people, traffic but also my own body and the “whining” that comes with it. The reason people rarely remember I had a very colorful life before my illness is because this illness is so very consuming. I often think…if I get annoyed with myself then how can I expect others not to? I am going to be honest with you my readers as I have from day 1 with this blog. As the caring and kind person I am if I was the “before illness” person trapped in a room with the “after illness” person I probably would think they are mentally unstable and are a lazy wimp. It has to this day been impossible for me to fully put into words the anguish. I often have friends ask if I’m ok and I tell them yes because don’t they deserve a break? I don’t get one but my friends aren’t ill. We are here on this earth to share with one another but do they really need to hear that I’m not ok every single day? In my opinion no. Give your friends a break even your sick friends. Say you are ok and talk about fun stuff. Live with your friends instead of lingering in the pain. I’m not suggesting we do this every day. I feel it is the most self centered thing to “not be ok” at least some of the time. Because whether you like it or not your friends hurt when you hurt so give them a break to get to know you not your illness. Fight on!

2 thoughts on “Friends with Fibro!

  1. joynpain2

    You’re right. People don’t want to hear about our problems everyday. But really, doesn’t it tick you off just a little when they ask you how you are knowing you’re not ok? It sets you up to have to lie to them. If they really want to know, instead of just being polite, then they should ask you how you are TODAY. That way you know if they really want to know or if they’re just being polite.

    1. emilyrgrace Post author

      I usually know if someone asks “How are you feeling today?” That they really want to know. I was more talking about the everyday questions friends ask like hey how are you?


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