Temptation 30 Day No Makeup Challenge #30DNMC

So I am running out the door to church not a stitch of anything on my face. My lips are white and chapped so I pull out my beautiful makeup bag while driving (not safe don’t do this) to grab some simple Chapstick.

Really? First off where do I get off owning this many lip glosses/lipsticks? PS this is only my purse makeup bag haha. And second I pulled out gorgeous lipgloss and gorgeous lipstick. WHERE IS THE APPROVED NO MAKEUP CHAPSTICK?!? Deep breathing helps at this point. I did for a split second think ahhhhh just throw a light lip gloss on! Freaking WHAT?!? Then I picture Emilee Lowe’s brave cute face with no makeup holding me accountable and I keep rooting for the dang Chapstick. I have to say I’m proud I didn’t go with the lip gloss. It seems silly but to me it felt brave and empowering because no one could judge from anything but my God given face! Pretty cool in my opinion. But let me tell you a secret…..come closer….after 30 days….closer… Secrets psssttt… Closer…..I CANNOT WAIT TO WEAR MAKE UP!!!! Lol I just love it so much and the artistry of it haha. I am learning A LOT about my self and connecting in new ways with God. It’s like when you do a new exercise at the gym and the next day you feel sore muscles you didn’t even know existed, that’s how this challenge has been. Again a big thanks to Emilee I will link her down below please welcome her into the community as you all have me. I love you guys thanks goodness for technology so I have friends here! Fight on friends!

Emilee Lowe’s blog (read about her journey with the #30DNMC)
PS had no idea she posted about being tempted how funny!

Also please please please take a few minutes to watch my video blog project which is 365 days of My Life with Chronic Pain: http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCQ6o5l4vxnZaITGSUA6nuRQ

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