Depression sucks!


Depression is a scary experience for me. My first thought is deal God don’t take me back there. Where I looked in my eyes every day and saw a dead person staring back at me. My eyes used to have a sparkle but then it was gone. Every day I checked in the small chance a small glimmer would be back but never expecting it. I did get that glimmer back as a became a new person in Christ. That does not mean I don’t still fall, struggle and even feel depressed. But I do fear of going back to those dark days. It usually comes out of no where. It’s sneaky and deceitful. And that’s how the enemy is and why it’s so scary. I think it is healthy to have some fear of the enemy because it keeps you vigilant. It comes and goes as it likes seemingly without cause or purpose. It makes you feel powerless but maybe that’s what I need so I lean only on God and not on my own understanding. It still sucks. I’m not gonna lie. How to I kick depression in the teeth? Heck if I know. Let me know what y’all do to get out of a funk.

3 thoughts on “Depression sucks!

  1. Trisha

    I’m sorry you’re getting sucked back in to the pit of depression. That’s a terrible feeling. I’ve been fortunate that my bouts with depression have been short and small things helped to get me through like using a Happy Light for several hours in the morning, exercise and anti-depressant essential oils, like neroli, clary sage and bergamot. But I don’t know that any of those would have helped much during my big depression ten years ago. I wish you strength in fighting the depression beast. Take extra good care of yourself through this.

    1. emilyrgrace Post author

      Thank you so much lollipop! I so appreciate your kind words. Your support means so much to me. Sending positive thoughts back at you. I hope you are doing ok!


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