No Makeup Challenge Insight!


So I am doing a 30 day makeup free challenge with my girl Emilee. Not only to support her journey but I really like the message of showing your real face, created beautifully and perfectly by God, to everyone and anyone. I am only a few days into the challenge and God is revealing so much more than “Emily stay off the Sephora website!!” My first thought was GOD WHAT IF I HAVE TO GO ON A DATE?!? Why was that something I even thought of? He is showing the walls I build up toward men. I tend to actually put no makeup pics up and little makeup but first couple dates full makeup. I have gotten a sense of intimidating, which for my girls that know me I am very easy to talk to and approach, so there is no reason for me to place another wall up. More importantly I thought of dating before God. It not only shows my priorities but also that I am not trusting God in ALL areas of my life. I am putting this out there as truthful as I can be along with my naked face.
Check out my girls original blog about her decision for the challenge:
(She is also blogging her experience!)

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