Doctor Diagnosis


Self managing our symptoms is something a lot of people do especially since a lot more of us don’t have insurance or money is tight. But it is freaking hard man! Does my back hurt because it’s strained, I overused it, slept wrong or nerve fibro pain and that’s just part of my back GOSH. It’s exhausting some days if am my doctor, nurse and several specialist how do I get paid!!?? I mean the amount of research I do is exhausting and sometimes I know more than my doctors like really? I get texts from my friends all the time because I know so much and I love that more so than figuring out my own stuff! Every day it’s something new and the thing that scares me the most is I am young this is the best my health is gonna be it’s downhill from here. I am only going to be adding on symptoms it’s just nature but it’s freaking me out. God miraculous healing would be so great any time soon!!

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