God’s Grace is Sufficient


I am approaching a year since I was admitted to the Oaks a psychiatric facility. I will celebrate a year without self harm which I am very proud of. I remember being strip searched and the only thing I was ashamed of was a large cut on my stomach that was asked about by every nurse or doctor that saw me. Even though that was one of the lowest times in my life it was also the best point in my life. I realized how truly blessed I am and mainly I don’t want to EVER go back there haha. I value a soft blanket, privacy, no one screaming at night, a soft pillow, wearing laces and many other tiny aspects I didn’t value previously. It’s also a scary time because although I know I am a different person with coping skills I still find myself fearful I will be triggered to that point again. All I can do is pray and share my story. Trust in God for protection and strength. Fight on!

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