I’m pissed. I’m mad. I’m fed up. I’m tired. I’m at the end of my rope over this issue. I’m sick of not being taken seriously. Oh I’m sorry you have the flu?! I have it every day. Oh your back hurts?! My entire body hurts to the point I shake and my teeth chatter from pain. Oh you are busy?! I see at least 2 doctors a week. Oh I’m sorry you only got 4 hours of sleep?! I would kill for 4 hours of sleep. This is serious. I don’t want pity I want respect and caring understanding because I deserve it and I give it to others. I am disabled. I am handicapped. I am ill every hour of every day. Have some understanding. A part of me wants to walk around expressing exactly how I feel and treating others as others would feeling the way I do day and night. Be kind because I don’t take my illness out of the cage. Remember that everything you do is 100 percent harder for me to do. Appreciate that!

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