Fibro Girls best friend!

Today I was stuck in bed because I have been taking antibiotics and ofcourse they make me sick because my body is a diva!! So I am getting a bit stir crazy and could have easily slipped into a “poor me” state of mind. I look down and make eye contact with my angelic chihuahua named Bella and her little tail starts to wag. In that moment I truly realized the little moments are what keep me going. This little animal created by God looks at me and gets excited. Now mind you..I have not showered in ummm 3 days maybe closer to 6 days. Don’t judge me! I have been in bed pretty much nonstop just crocheting or reading pretty boring stuff. But this little creature gets excited just when I look at her as she is curled up as close to me as she possibly can be and I think how can people not believe in God? Such a precious gift my doggy is to me that my Father in Heaven has sent to me that has gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life. She loves my stinky boring self and only wants pets and my warmth. She is complete perfection and my soulmate. I talk more to her more than most anybody in my life. She has stolen my heart from the minute I saw her. My therapist once told me a quote that said something like “be the person your dog sees you as” and it’s so true. I don’t need to be perfect, have it all together, or be “normal.” My dog loves me just as I am flaws and all just as I should love myself. I thank God every day for giving me Bella because I don’t want to take her or life for granted. She teaches me to much. This connection happens with people, family, friends etc. mine just happens to be a beautiful 6 lbs. chihuahua. Find life in the little things. Fight on friends!

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