Things I miss!

There is this question going around on blogs:
What do you miss most about being healthy?
I decided to take this challenge and did the top 10 that popped into my head! What do I miss?
So much it’s overwhelming but conflicting as I am happier now then when I was healthy. I feel very blessed now but this is more about missing things from my past when I was healthy that would be amazing to have now.
1. Working- I mourned not being able to work for years after getting sick. I miss making my own money. I miss not feeling guilty spending money. It was mine to make and spend on whatever I wish. I miss feeling useful and challenging myself mentally at work. I miss being able to answer the question, “so what do you do.” I was a counselor and teacher for teenage youth with mental illnesses and violent tendencies that have been separated from their parents. I also was a cosmetologist and I specialized in color. That felt good to say. I miss having coworkers and the relationship of working together but also grabbing a drink after work.
2. Waking up- not being in pain and endless possibilities for that day. Getting out of bed, taking a shower, blow drying my hair, doing my makeup and putting clothes on for the day.
3. Being reliable- setting up dates and times to hang out with my friends, scheduling nail appointments, getting my hair done and being relaxed, pretty much not having to cancel something even if I had a cold.
4. Independence- having my own space/apartment (my parents are amazing roommates but I always will be living in THEIR house). Inviting people over whenever I want and watching movies in the living room at all hours of the day and night.
5. Staying at a normal weight
6. Having savings
7. Reading a hard copy of a book
8. Being organized/getting things done
9. Not having to ask for help- rides
10. Boyfriends/dating- not having that awkward moment of saying I’m a “homebody” which really means sick in bed most of the time.
Please share what you miss in the comments below!! I would love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “Things I miss!

  1. Life Beyond My Window

    This list could be mine as well. It includes everything I also miss, except 1 item.. being able to take a long walk, or really any type of walk. I miss walking so much. I used to live in NYC and would walk every where, through Central Park, all the street fairs, sometime 3 miles to work.


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