Lost but not Forgotten


I don’t like the saying “….get over them.” Or “time will heal….” Like bitch do you know my life, my relationship, have you thought about me before making this statement?! Sorry I got a little rowdy there gonna reel it back in. Hi Black my name is Kettle! But still yes I have made those statements but I am realizing they are less than helpful. I lost someone so dear to me it still hurts to breathe when I think about her. I never grieved “properly” keep in mind I don’t know how one does this “properly” I will use air coats as well, you can’t see them but I don’t see you properly judging me so it’s even. There is this new therapy to use with people with Alzheimer’s disease if I weren’t lazy I would look it up on google but hey this is what you get but it’s called like pretty much agreement therapy. If an elderly women believes she is rocking her infant child then you go with it instead of arguing and saying Mom that isn’t possible even or Mom you are getting crazy all over your face. I think I need to use agreement therapy to get over my pride which is something I learned in my family. Never show your crazy face, no crying in public, don’t whine/complain/talk about issues/you always have to be right/ things are an outrage if people lie. Like I want to stop giving a damn about some things especially things about sweet people I care about like let go already! Let people deal with their lives as they want as long as they aren’t out hurting themselves etc. I don’t need to say hey that’s not right it’s been two months you are over that person! So pretty much I just ambiguicely vented and made up a word. K well fight on friends!

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