One step forward….ten steps back

These disorders and illnesses always make you feel like a slippy slide. So you remember those right? You get up at the top, the water is flowing, it’s so hot out, and you are so excited to go down this slide you could just about pee yourself (this is the metaphorical life.) You stand in line for what seems forever and you are just aching for the refreshing cool water and the rush of flying down this fun slide everyone else zooms down with glee in their eyes and squeals of happiness. It’s finally your turn and you step up to the plate. You are freaking ready to glide smoothly down this slide of bliss. One foot on the slick, thin plastic and your feet flip out from under you and you are falling on your butt in front of everyone. You decide to stand up, brush yourself off and give it another go, laughing with others as a simple mistake and smile at others in line and laugh with others egging you on at the bottom of the slide. The only thing is you keep standing up and ending up on your butt. No one can help you because they can’t just pick you up and fling you down this slide. Sometimes you just slip and knock your head on the ground and other times it just takes you down to your knees. Some people in line get impatient and just go in front of you down the slide easily and some cross their arms and scowl at you and few stand up at the end of the slide and keep encouraging you to get down that slide. Now my pain soul mate is ofcourse giving it a go right next to me and falling just the same but we can give eachother one look and laugh at ourselves. This repeated falling on your butt essentially can be funny, silly, but most times down right painful especially when you keep falling one time after another and think I’m never going to be able to get up. Your legs are getting wobble, your head aches, your body is jolted and emotionally you just want to get off this ride but can’t because you have already stepped on the cheap slick plastic. We want to ride life smoothly but with pain like fibromyalgia and other related illnesses we are bound to the top of that slippery slide. The thing is we don’t give up. We don’t cry for our parents to just pull us lamely off the slide. We keep getting up and falling and I think that is difficult, painful and beautiful all at the same time. Don’t give up in that magical satisfying cool rapid of plastic tarp! One day we will find our footing and fly face first, belly to the ground down that watery rapid finding cool, exhilarating satisfaction. So don’t stop fighting for your footing on that impossible slide called life! You have your soulmate by your side to help lift you up and eventually we will slip-n-slide!! Fight on friends!

3 thoughts on “One step forward….ten steps back

  1. Jumping_Jenny_444

    I have had my share of times where I felt like I was metaphorically falling on my butt, but each time I’d get back up again. Great post! 🙂


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