Sleep is NOT underrated

I have never slept. Well, let me restate….I have never slept well. Sorry I got dramatic there for a minute! My entire life I have never slept through the night. I have never laid my head down on the pillow and then woke up to stretch my eyes in the morning. I sleep about 3 hours a night. Many things go into this but I won’t put my theories here because I am not a doctor. Hahahaha oh man that was funny!! Like doctors have any clue!!! Anyways I don’t sleep because of my fibromyalgia, restless legs, extreme pain, headaches and just an entirely too active brain. After 30 years I think I slept through the night!!! I cannot be sure but I know I at least slept more than usual! I am very excited and it has given me a great excuse to not do a sleep study!! Yay! No wires and videotaping me wide awake on Pinterest! 😁 I know understand how others can get things done. Mind you this was one night but I’ll take it! Bless all your sleeping because it is life changing. Just one night but feeling hopeful and hope is priceless. Fight on my friends!

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