Keep the Faith


It is natural to question your faith while dealing with illness and all that comes with it. Our “why am I alive” becomes “what the heck can I possible be doing on this earth!?” We feel pushed and pulled to do this and be that. Come on serve more, give more and be a better Christian. Well what happens when we are physically or mentally unable to do that? Well that leads to the “come on God!!!!” conversation or well yelling match. When dealing with chronic issues “why me?” shifts to “how can I be me?” The enemy is constantly attacking. Think about it when do you feel the least prepared for the devil! Sick, tired, in pain, anxious, depressed, alone. Well I’m sure many chronically ill person is saying yep that’s me every day. I truly believe the sick are meant to make there mark on this earth so profoundly. Why else would we be under attack every day? A lot of us succumb to the little voice in our head that says we are “less than” or “not enough” or “beyond broken.” But for those that don’t and just say “SHUT UP NEGATIVE VOICE I HAVE A PURPOSE!” those are the warriors for God. We share our stories which the enemy doesn’t want us to be aide our story is powerful for the kingdom of God. Let me address….”if there is a God then why am I going through this?!” Ahhhhh you are going through this because there is a God who is using you as weapon against the devil and an instrument to bring others to Jesus. Think about a story without struggle does it have the same emotional impact? Not for me! Our scars show progress, our struggles show determination and our pain shows great adversity that we overcome every minute of every day. I cannot think of a more powerful motivation to be a better person and thank God for this anointed position. We stand strong as hurt, broken, wrong people that still believe and conquer and destroy the enemy. Our faith may waver because it becomes confusing. I understand that and have been there but with every question points us to learning. The Bible is littered with broken people. The blind man, the adulterous woman and the man with leprosy all showed God’s presence and proved to everyone Christ is the son of God, the messiah. That is pretty huge. Those were broken people and that’s who Christ chose to hang with so when you think you aren’t enough or God has left you remember that God is closest to the broken hearted and Christ chose to help the poor and troubled. We have power and closeness to God. Don’t let the enemy tell you otherwise. You are worthy, enough, important and loved. Fight on tooth and nail and share your struggles so that they may be cut in half. Fight on so that others may come closer to Christ by hearing your smallest miracles. If you do you will see more and more. Fight on friends. Fight on!


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