Hold on to life!


Keep yourself grounded. Don’t tell yourself others have it worse! You never know that person that “has it worse” might pray to trade places with YOU. Comparison always leads to disillusionment! It allows every negative and pitiful thought to come into your mind. You can only try and work with your own circumstances. You are welcome for this advice in advance and the heart ache this will spare you! 🙂 and if you are currently do it STOP IT!!! Ok now where was I? Grounded! Open your heart to people, family and friends. You may feel rejected or dejected but its worth it if you find some one in the mix that will stand by you or even understand. Trust me I know. It can be hit or miss but worth all the pain once you find solace in the relationships around you. Try to fill your life with people (or paws) who can’t live without you because it will keep you on this earth on your darkest days. I know my pup has kept me on this earth many times because I promised God I would care for her. She has gone on to become my therapy dog, best friend and guardian angel. My parents are also huge reasons I am still here. If you don’t know what “stay here” means it means SUICIDE leading to purposeful death. Just had to get real there! I stayed alive not for myself but for others and I thank God for that now that I have found hope in myself which by the way I never thought was possible. It happens. Hope happens when you least expect it or in my case had cursed it out for not following me. Hold on friends. Hold on.

7 thoughts on “Hold on to life!

  1. Jumping_Jenny_444

    That was a very inspiring post! There have been times where I had dark thoughts, but a voice inside my head would ask me, “would it be worth it? Definitely not!” I know of quite a few people who really care about me, so I stay alive for myself, god, and the people I care about. 🙂

  2. dawnhosking

    I love the philosophy of ‘fill your life with people or paws’ – that is just conjuring up the most lovely image. Are lions allowed 😉

      1. dawnhosking

        That’s cool – I just love lions and tigers, well all animals. We had a gorgeous rabbit – a black and white dutch, Smartie, who thought he was a dog! I loved sitting with him as he was like a wise guru and promoted such peace . He was funny, he would never sit on your lap – one day he jumped right up there and really surprised me, I was honoured. Great to meet you 😉

      2. emilyrgrace Post author

        You as well! We definitely share a love of all animals! I had a rat that was so well trained it answered to “come” so funny! They just make me smile doing the simplest things 🙂

      3. dawnhosking

        Thanks 😉 Your rat sounds comical, they are really intelligent animals. I saw some brown and white ones once and they were adorable. We had a hamster who was a real character too. Have a great day, I’m gonna get some food 😉

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