Let’s get Messy!!


Our trials and struggles are what make us valuable. Our scars show a struggle we have healed from. Without trials we would have no triumphs. What value would we have without endurance and perseverance? When we get real and share our struggles we make true authentic friendships. There is night and there is day. We visit valleys and climb mountains. We all have our struggles and from those our true character and identity are formed. We have pasts and we have unknown futures. We have to live in the now to be content. So anyone who thinks…I don’t want to vent I will just be a burden or if I share my struggles no one will like me….you are dead wrong. Those that share there struggles and rocky journeys are who I consider real courageous heroes. Bravery is opening out heart (ALL of it) and saying here this is who I was and am today can you relate? Nine times out of ten others can relate we just don’t want to enter that icky messy conversation. Try it! You will be so surprised how broken we all are because we are all human! Being human is messy! Lets be messy and help each other to get clean together.

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