How I Turned into an 80 year old.

As a young adult I was super active and constantly busy. I had tons of friends that I hung out with every day. When I went to school I was a party girl but still kept my grades up while working 2 jobs and going to cosmetology school at night. So one could say I was an overachiever. I would just say I was young and acted my age. Just a few short years later and I have turned into a golden girl! I actually enjoy my Golden Girl moments!! For example, start telling my friend Erika a story about making bracelets and end up talking about a fire alarm in my elementary school going off while I was going potty and we both look at each other with that “how did this conversation end up here.” We have actually tried to follow the lines of thought and that is even more terrifying!! I find myself saying, “what was I talking about?” far more than, “and that was my point!” I look forward to getting in bed at 8pm and when I go out with friends I secretly feel like a chaperone at prom. I have traded in late nights and shots to cuddling at my best’s house knitting and drinking fancy tea. Yes I have become a hardened 80 year old! The mention of people getting together to knit or crochet makes me giddy. I rush into a room and ask myself “what am I doing here?” Like 5 times! My To Do list has become “Don’t forget to remind Barb to remember to remind me not to forget….” I talk during movies not because I am solely annoying but I don’t know what the heck is going on! I refer to the shows I TiVo as “my shows” or “my soaps.” My friends have often said to me, “You need Life Alert!” Hahaha “No I’m serious.” I crouch down to look at the bottom shelf and I am stuck there until someone helps me up. Yet I still always crouch down to look closer! The funny thing is sure I miss acting my age, aka young, but my illness has taken me on another path that I simply love. It has its ups and downs but God has me serving in a wonderful ministry that no one judges my #80yostatus and has blessed me with amazing friends that help me down stares, hold my bags if we go shopping and ask if I need to be picked up because I can’t drive most the time. My point is….wait what was I talking about? Ahhh well I’m sure it will come back to me a week from now!
Fight on my silent warriors!


4 thoughts on “A Golden Girl!

  1. Jumping_Jenny_444

    I like this entry–the picture made me laugh! 🙂 I guess there really are blessings when it comes to being a “golden girl”. I get excited about knitting and crocheting too!

    1. emilyrgrace Post author

      Yep it’s a struggle being young trapped in a much older body and mind sometimes but as your body changes so must we! I get excited about any activity that involves sitting lol 🙂


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