Sleepless in Seattle or Wilmington!

Day 1: Watch TiVo’d shows, read bible, work on Step Study, Work on Training Lessons for CR, play with Bella, Red up my room, Take a shower, make SleepyTime tea.
Day 2: Candy Crush & Pet Rescue, watch not so favorite Suggestion TiVo, throw everything off my bed and make it, put Bella on my chest, make SleepyTime tea, stare at ceiling fan, fix and refix body pillow.
Day 3: Candy Crush & Pet Rescue marathon, listen to audiobook, read book, make camamille tea, do stretches, make lists of things I need to do, pretend to shop, clean out drawers
Day 4: Change pajamas 3-4 times, put socks on, take socks off, stretch in bed, take all jewelry off, shower, make extra sleepTime tea, eat too much, PINTEREST, google encouraging quotes, look through scripture/reading plans on bible app, prayer for friends and family, put my hair up, take hair down.
Day 5: PANIC, realize I’m panicking and pray, try and find new books, stare at ceiling fan, try and eat, sit in bed, lay in bed, sit on stool by bed, lay on floor, get back in bed, change pillows, PANIC, read bible scripture, Matt 6:34, Phil 4:6, repeat, stare at clock……..let mind wander, laugh at myself, read the same chapter over and over.
Day 6: Get mad at doctors, wonder how its possible to not sleep, argue with myself, hold sleepy Bella up and talk to her, stare at clock until my
Mom wakes up, call Mom to make SleepyTime tea, cry, pray, get sick, clutch body pillow, suck on crushed ice, put wet cold cloth on face.

Leave what you do on sleepless nights in the comments below 😀

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