Look past the pain

When you stop looking at your circumstances and start looking at what is surrounding you then you will truly see how blessed you are. I tear up talking about this because honestly God had to strip me of everything for me to see the most simple of things. Yes I have pain yes I am dependent on my parents yes I don’t sleep yes yes yes much suffering. And the enemy can catch me and make me just stare at that and things get depressing. None of those things are important. What is important to me is the blessing of being close to my parents again, the amazing friend God had placed in my life, my unbelievable therapy dog, and the chance to serve at my church and for Celebrate Recovery. My blessings far out way my hardships. This blog is not so hilarious but hey I have to give my wit a break sometimes 😀
When you stop looking at yourself and problems you see the people around you and it is in the best way overwhelming!

Jeff is my leader
Eddie(Pops) is my example
Rush is my rock
Cristol is my constant
Alicia is my support
Lindsey is my spirit
Monica is my laughter
Stephanie is my kindred
Marta is my authentic
Emma is my special
JJ is my faithfulness
Colleen is my motivation
Bella is my comfort
Erika is my soulmate
Barb is my strength
Arielle is my light
Jenn is my sister
Joshua is my brobro
Mom is my best friend
Dad is my hero
Birdie is my daughter
Erin W is my fixer
Joy is my freedom
Erin M is my loyalty
All my CR girls (anonymous) are my inspiration
And so SO many more!! Not everyone I talk to every day but all are placed by God in my life and so blessed to call them anything.

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