Pain Pain Go Away Come Again Another NEVER!!


“The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone” Psalm 118:22
Sometimes you just break down and cry. It’s a lot to hold in everything we deal with while taking care of others. Sometimes we feel like a reject or that God sort of messed up the mold while making us! He didn’t just break the mold He threw that mold in the trash. We are busted! We ask why us? Why do I have to deal with fibromyalgia, pain, fatigue, migraines or any chronic illness. When we cannot seem to answer this question things can seem hopeless. Notice I use the word “seem.”

We are perfectly created and are chosen to carry this burden. We go through struggles for a purpose (to make us stronger, to share our story and connect with others, to gain wonderful friends, or to be an example of a warrior.)

When you are in pain 24/7 it leads to losing sleep which leads to being irritable which leads to struggles with others which leads to isolation which leads to depression. Are you getting the picture? It’s a viscous cycle. But please don’t lose hope because it is there. I have been in the lowest pits of despair where I did not want to live. I have been rushed to the hospital because I planned to kill myself. I have walked that path and I sit here to tell you today I am hopeful. I never thought I would say that…never. I promise you there is hope and you can find it. God has gotten me here, wonderful friends, celebrate recovery and being more stubborn than my illness!

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