For the longest time I thought I had to be this perfect person winning awards for Best Human Alive and do everything. I needed to walk around and receive a gold star every ten minutes in my mind. I would never leave the house without makeup or my contacts being in and I wore my mask of perfect. Perma-smile!! Super Emily. And the Oscar goes to…….it’s exhausting!!

The biggest and most powerful lesson I have been forced to learn while being sick is its ok to just be happy. Just the act of sitting and being happy. Not doing. Not performing. Not for others. No hoops to jump through. Just being.

I wish I could say I ripped up my To Do list but I’m a human in progress but I don’t feel guilty if there are no checks on that list. As long as I was happy. Being happy is an active decision and choice and you have to work at it. Just be!

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