Sometimes you don’t recognize the impact you have on others lives. In my case you know in your mind you have ZERO impact in others lives.
Hi I’m Emily, grateful Believer, celebrating recovery over Codependency!!
There that’s out there so we all no I struggle with self esteem and self worth. Ok then moving on!
When I am in bed all I see is life going on around me. I feel like I am just existing. Why am I here? What is the point? I eat, poop, text, kinda sleep and repeat.
I was at a breaking point and I was on my knees (in my mind) and I thought this is not a life worth living.

God heard my cries and poured love over me by placing people right there. I was at Celebrate Recovery and someone approached me and asked for a minute. Ofcourse I have a minute!! What he had to say left me speechless. He let me know him and his wife were naming their baby Emily. My response was best name ever duh!! And he told me it was because of me. My jaw dropped and one thing repeated in my mind, Why? Why? Why? Why? Me? I’m nobody! He said he looked at me as what he wanted his daughter to be like. This brought the tears (to my dismay because I hate crying in front of others) and I could not speak it was a true honor and so humbling!
Later while speaking to a friend she interrupted me and said that I looked gorgeous and that I was just shining. I still think I looked awful but the compliment was so heartfelt and genuine.
You matter. You are enough. You are enough sick, overweight, disabled, at your lowest. You are enough! If you live out loud and genuinely you can impact people. If I can help one person I want to be on this earth pain and all!

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