Sick and tired of being sick and tired


Sometimes you just get sad, run down, your faith shaken and kind plaster a smile on your face. This often happens to be with prolonged episodes of sickness confined to my bed with no relief. All that exists is my bed and bathroom that is my world. This is why many with chronic illness are automatically put on antidepressants which are unfortunately are not “happy pills.”

I am strong, stubborn and positive but after a certain amount of time even the strongest fall weak. Begging for a stomach to ease for just 5 minutes, pain relief for just 1 minute or rest for simply an hour. At some point your body goes cave person and puts its energy into perseveration and not into things like giggling and thinking coherently. The negative thoughts start seeping in and undoubtably stress. I swear nothing is better timed than long stretches of illness and some sort if crisis in my life.

Sometimes I feel like my body is a clunker car and its always breaking down at the worst times, needs tune ups constantly and sometimes its so old they can’t even order the right parts to fix the problem!

No one said life is easy or fair but can I get 2 minutes of peace? Please and Thank you that would be grrrrreat!

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