If its not one thing it’s another. Wake up YAY I’m not in pain today BOO I’m anxious and depressed and so the cycle goes. I have a few choices take enough medication to make me a zombie (no thank you!). I can sit and endure it and keep silent or I can thank God to be alive and share my story. Clearly from this blog you can see the choice I made not that it is an easy one. Choosing a life of faith means along with a body that attacks me I also have a deceptive enemy attacking me at all times!

The good times far out weighs the bad times and keeps me going. I chose to be part of an amazing Christ centered recovery program called Celebrate Recovery. I have the humbling experience of sitting in a room of some of the bravest people I know. Not only are they brave but they are loving and nonjudgmental. They truly are living examples of striving to be like Christ. God is close to the broken hearted. I have a place I can go and vent, share, cry and laugh with people that just get me no matter what the struggles are with.

Depression hits me and I think I am going to die alone and my cats and dogs will make a meal of me and nobody will find me for 2 weeks. The enemy feeds these negative thoughts and my single girl syndrome! I find myself struggling with jealousy and comparing myself to others my age. It’s a bad cycle that focuses on what I don’t have instead of focusing on what I do have which is a whole heck of a lot. So those fighting illness silently let your sparkle shine and support one another!

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