That Awkward Silence!


Things that just make me go O_o

“Are you okay? You look really tired!” -Me: Umm thanks?
“You look so pretty today!” -Me: Well I’m wearing makeup?
“Your hair looks different what did you do?” -Me: I washed it?
“So are you in pain right now?” -Me: Uhh yeah!
“Are you going to take all those pills?” -Me: Noooo I just hoard them for fun!
“You should get out more!” -Me: Sure just as soon as I can stand up and not be in excruciating pain!
“Do you think the pain might be in your head?” -Me: Totally I love spending all day in bed, having no boyfriend and no friends!

All sarcasm aside those answers are usually in my mind to have a laugh. Also, I so love friends and family care enough to share how they feel or things they want to know. I had a dear friend come to be and say, “Emily, could you please explain Fibromyalgia? I want to know so I can be a better friend to you.” I won’t share her name incase she doesn’t want it public but she is a blonde haired, jeep driving angelface. She helped me realize its hard for my friends to understand. Google just does not cut it! And I don’t take the time to explain what I deal with when I am isolated in my room.

My point….ask me! It genuinely makes my heart happy to clear things up. I guarantee you there is no way you can offend me more than the cruel things I say to myself daily! I know some people think my illness is in my head but then when I explain my life they realize there is NO benefit in me faking anything.

Chronic pain, fatigue, any illness is not shameful. We should be open and real about it and laugh. If we can’t then we don’t have any support and we just fall deeper into our illnesses. It’s something I am still working on because of my own insecurities but I have had such a huge positive response getting real with people!

2 thoughts on “That Awkward Silence!

  1. Shani

    My mom fights fibro. She once described it as feeling like you have an achy flu all the time. Now that I fight MS I better understand. I’m so sorry you are fighting fibro.

    1. emilyrgrace Post author

      Thank you Shani its crazy how much chronic pain illnesses experiences can be the same. I’m sorry you are suffering with MS. Here for support always!


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