When Good things turn Bad


I had not gotten my hair cut in over a year. Why so long? You ask. Well today I remember why after getting my haircut yesterday. As pain courses up and down my head and neck and keeping me up all night I am cursing my new adorable cut.  It’s painful! As are are massages (I would rather walk on hot coals), getting my nails done (sitting still for an hour is like some strange form of torture), sitting and watching a movie in the theatre (if i don’t get the seat where I can put my feet up I am not a happy camper), and sitting on non-padded chairs (like sitting on a board full of nails)

I have a high threshold for pain which is why most don’t even know I have chronic pain. When I do this “fun-filled” activities I experience fibro-pain. You will often find me changing positions every few minutes. Most think I’m annoyingly fidgety but really I am trying to move, stretch and avoid trigger points. 
There are 18 trigger points [insert boring facts] “Tender points are pain points or localized areas of tenderness around joints, but not the joints themselves. These tender points hurt when pressed with a finger. Tender points are scattered over the neck, back, chest, elbows, hips, buttocks, and knees.”-webmd.com
So you can imagine sitting is generally painful and leaning back into a shampoo bowl aching. Activities I once excitedly luxuriated in now are an acrobatic event of trying to avoid pressure on trigger points. So, no, I am not fidgety, have ants in my pants, impatient or anxious, I am freaking in pain! 
It is hard to explain fibro pain. It can be a combination of a few things. Localized pain is like the pain of a root canal where the pain seemingly shoots from head to your toes. Widespread pain feels like poison coursing through your veins or the deep ache of having the flu. I often experience both at the same time which is why light exercise daily has helped because as you can imagine being in pain isn’t exactly relaxing for your muscles. Tensing of the body leads to more pain like clenching your jaw at night but your whole body. Light exercise helps loosen up your body and lets blood flow and I have found it on most days to help with widespread pain. 
Who knew I would be hanging up my cute cuts and color, mani/pedis, and full body massages for exercise!?!? What a pain in the butt, literally!!!

8 thoughts on “When Good things turn Bad

  1. joynpain2

    I know how you feel. I can sit a max of 2 hrs (depending on the chair) before I have to stand up or lay down for a minute and most of that time is spent changing positions. I recently took a road trip and even with a gel/foam pad about 4 inches thick and a travel cushion behind my back I was in HELL! After I got home it took me 2 days to get out of bed. But, just think, in a few days when the flare up calms down you’ll be left with a darn cute haircut. 🙂

    1. emilyrgrace Post author

      Haha totally understand!! That recovery period after I push myself!! And yeah I will look super cute when I can raise my arms to dry my hair 😆 maybe go wild and add makeup!! Road trips are torture gurlfrand!! Laugh on my dear fellow Fi-Bro!!

      1. joynpain2

        No, actually my disease is pelvic and abdominal adhesions, but I’ve noticed by reading others that the pain is similar. Who knows – maybe I should let them test me for fibro – I’m just scared to think I could have something else.

      2. emilyrgrace Post author

        It’s being tested for everything else bc fibro is an exclusion diagnosis and there is no fix not good news! What do you take for pain if I may ask I’ve been exploring this!?

      3. joynpain2

        I take Lyrica for nerve pain, Zanaflex for muscle spasms and pain, and they recently upped me to Percocet while they try nerve block/rf procedures. So, yeah even if I did have fibro I guess I would be completely covered.

      4. emilyrgrace Post author

        Yeah I was gonna say same thing almost as my treatment for fibro. Feel free to add me on Facebook. Emily Nolan in Wilmington NC! It’s great to have support from others that understand!!

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