Thigh Master you just sit right?

thighmaster-1I have spent days, weeks and even months in bed. Not so funny but what I find hilarious is when someone says to me, “you should exercise!!” No, really?!? I never thought of that! I will get right on that even though I almost faint when I simply stand up. When life is spent horizontally (not talking the mamba here) then exercise becomes extremely difficult. For my vertical friends this is hard to understand. I never thought I would be the person going to the doctor and her noticing muscle loss in my legs.

Lets be clear. I have never been a gym nut. I have had trainers, sporadically done sports but mostly blessed with a slim physique and high metabolism. Walking to and from classes was plenty cardio for me!

I got older and so did the metabolism. After a particular bad infection and being stuck in bed for almost two months I packed on 30lbs.

So this leads to…How does a bedridden, chronically in pain, super fatigued person get “in shape”. My answer….verrrryyy carefullyyyy and with a stubborn attitude! Well the stubborn part is just me. I’m not going to the gym when I can hardly walk to the kitchen each day! I can however modify a low impact light cardio work out to work for me. That program is called Slim In Six! Not to say I didn’t feel like I was gonna die after my first workout. I literally hated Debbie Seiber and her happy little face. I did the best of my ability and listened to my body and came back to it each day. I have a far ways to go but I can hold my arms up longer when worshipping the Lord and in my book that’s better than a string bikini!( though I wouldn’t mind that one day!)

I did however get stuck in my sports bra today! And deal with 5 animals licking and rubbing and pushing and sitting on me all during my workout. I am not an animal hoarder swear!

2 thoughts on “Thigh Master you just sit right?

  1. joynpain2

    Hahaha! Anytime I try to get in the floor to do the stretches my physical therapist gave me my dogs think I’m playing and attack! It takes me 5 minutes to convince them that I’m not there for them. Is it any wonder I don’t do my stretches everyday? I really need to work on willpower. It is so much easier to be in my one comfortable position in bed.

    1. emilyrgrace Post author

      My animals do the same exact thing!! Especially when I’m exercising they come out of the woodwork to lick and sit on me and just generally be annoying haha gotta love them!!


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