Time to get real REAL honest about Chronic Pain!

” I just threw up in my mouth!”, “I went to get my drink, fell on my butt and then couldn’t get up.”, “I just pooped isn’t that exciting!?!”, “Could you help me get my shirt off I’m stuck.”, “Do you need us to pull over so you can go potty? No I don’t need to go right now!”, “Could you all pull over I need to go potty….LIKE NOW!!”, “Just one more book. I’m not sleepy yet!, “OMG I’m so tired I can’t get out of bed!”, “Pajamas all day? Why not?”

How I turned into a 5 year old…AGAIN??

Lets get real dealing with chronic pain and illness is not fun but finding the funny in it is the only way I get by! My life changing from “independent go getter” to “in bed stayer” came as a shock to everyone. After two years of testing I went to a Rheumatologist and received my Fibromyalgia diagnosis. I sat shocked in the doctor’s office. What is this Fibromaflingamagig you speak of doc???? Lets just say he was less than helpful and my mother hurried me out of the office before I got irate because in our family we “work the problem.” This was a problem that could not be worked. Myself, nor my family could face that but we had to, right?

After I looked up “Fibromaflingamagig”, I was fully educated about the illness and all of the wonderful things that come along with it. First, it was called Fibromyalgia (who knew!?) and it is mostly known for widespread chronic pain and fatigue. Well, I had those and much, much more! Lucky me right? Migraines, depression, anxiety, insomnia, bladder infections, headaches, severe pain in localized areas, widespread dull pain, dizziness, fainting, GI issues and on and on. So this is where my life as a 20 something continued to decline until I hit 5-year-old status!

I moved in with my parents to help manage….well…everything in my life. I was unable to work anymore so finances were…well…not happening! The cycle of pain hit me full force.

1) Extreme Pain

2) Stay in bed

3) Repeat

It is like a washing machine only with your body. Now where it gets difficult is I am a person not a machine. Going from chit chatting about nonsense on the phone with my parents to being helped to wash myself was a bit of a shocker! My family and I only got through this with humor. No, pain isn’t funny…but life is and you have to find some enjoyment other than Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Can I get an AMEN???

When I get stuck in shirts, constipated for weeks, down in the dumps over the smallest thing, or even my bladder hurting…I share and laugh with family and friends. If I held on to all of these hilarious things, well A) that just wouldn’t be fair…I mean its funny! and B) I would explode and be so lonely.

Find the laughs in life, whether it is potty jokes, trying to work out (SUPER hilarious), or getting through a tough day! Stay strong my chronically hilarious friends! There is a smile break at the end of each ache you just need to find it!

1 thought on “Time to get real REAL honest about Chronic Pain!

  1. Jumping_Jenny_444

    You have a very good point. It’s better to be able to find the bright side of the situation than the lousy stuff. I’ve been having a pretty rough time with the current transition in my life. I’m not able to work, I’m up to my ears in debt, my parents are financially strapped, and my fibro doesn’t really help much with motivation. Soooo…trying to put all this in a blender and see what humor can come out of all this! 😉


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